18 Apr

When Jesus and His disciples crossed the Sea of Galilee in Mark Chapter 4 v 35-41 the sea began to get choppy. Although the disciples were experienced, hardy fishermen - they began to get concerned. As the waves in the storm grew stronger and stronger this concern turned to fear ......and then this fear turned to panic.

Yet, despite the storm, the waves and the risk of drowning, we read a most bizarre thing - Jesus being asleep on a cushion in the midst of it all. 

The word cushion seems so opposite, so out of place in the middle of a storm. A cushion is a comfortable object. Jesus obviously trusted in the cushion of His father's love so enormously - no matter what was going on. 

However, when the disciples finally woke Jesus up He rebuked the storm and the storm stopped it's raging. The sea suddenly became as calm as a millpond.

You would think that the disciples would now become very relieved that the storm had stopped. 

Do you think that their 'concern-turned fear-turned panic' should now have turned into relief?

Surprisingly we read that, instead,  they became even more terrified!

Verse 41 says of the disciples in the boat: "They were terrified and asked each other "Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey Him!"

This is because they began to see that the sheer almighty power of Jesus to rescue them was even more terrifying than the power of death itself! They had begun to fear the Lord more than any storm!

Whilst we should not be terrified of the Lord in any wrong unhealthy way, one thing this passage seems to teach us is that if we fear the Lord then all other fears will be displaced. 

What we need is a healthy fear of the Lord. We need a 'fear swap'! 

If we fear (revere) the Lord then all our other fears will shrink back and be eclipsed, replaced or displaced by the fear of the almighty one who is greater than all our other fears. 

We need to fear the Lord in order not to be gripped by the fear of other things. 

We need a fear swap!

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