24 Mar

Our lives are shaped by the things we focus on and the things we neglect. In Psalm 23 v 5 it says "You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows". The image is of a table full of abundant food, but lurking all around in the shadows are enemies. As an image of spiritual warfare, God bids us to focus on the feast and provision at the table ...and not look upon the enemies of fear, worry or condemnation. The feast at the table is where we are ministered to, anointed and have our hearts filled with His life. At this table there is no cup of fear or condemnation, no taste of worry in the food God provides. (All those negative things are the enemies around us). The power to overcome is to keep feasting with Jesus at God's table.
The table doesn't have a dry crust of bread on it...it has God's joy and peace as we fellowship with Him. He welcomes us, anoints us, honours us, empowers us. Delight yourself in the Lord! Feast on Jesus in the riches of His Word...and before long...(whether you are conscious of it or not) you will already be conquering your unseen enemies as you neglect them and focus and feast on Jesus at God's table. (Based on Les Wheeldon's book 'A Closer Walk')

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