01 Mar

Our Privilege In Having Jesus (Reflections on Solomon and the Temple No. 1)  

When the Queen of Sheba came to test the wise and wealthy King of Israel (King Solomon) with hard questions it amazed her and she in effect (summarising  the meaning) said in 1 Kings 10:8

"The Lord must love Israel SO much to have given to Israel such a wise and wealthy King! Not everyone in Israel is wise ...but everyone benefits from you being a wise King. How he has blessed and loves Israel to have given Israel a king like that!" 

It literally took her breath away.

In an even greater way, this is in effect what Jesus is echoing when He said to those who were rejecting Him centuries later during His ministry. 

In effect Jesus said to them (summarising the meaning of Matt 12:42)  "Here I am, one who is greater than Solomon - you are privileged to have me - such a wise and rich Messiah King called Jesus. The Queen of Sheba recognised this in Solomon - but you don't recognise it in me and I am even greater than Solomon"

Do we appreciate the wonder of Jesus wisdom and who He is. The wisdom He has is not 'being clever', but being humble, moral, altruistic, practical, equitable, beautiful and glorious. And He is able to bless us lavishly with love and spiritual blessings.

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