Growth Groups

We have four groups meeting at different times in people's homes (or via zoom) and most of the congregation attend one of these groups. 

We also offer Alpha, Hope Explored, Christianity Explored and run 'Discipleship Explored'  for those newer in the faith or exploring.

From time to time we have 'paused' the growth groups and run a Wednesday evening whole church series often starting with a meal together. For example: two groups followed the 'Christianity Explored' and 'Discipleship Explored' courses and on another occasion two groups followed 'The Course of Your Life' and the LICC ' The Whole Life for Christ'. We have also as a whole church done 'The Prayer Course' by Pete Grieg to disciple people in prayer and 6 sessions on Missional Lifestyle. This has included coming alongside others to encourage, build one another up - especially through 1:1 Bible Reading.