For Men

For Men

If anything on this 'Menu' interests you please get in touch to register interest and be given the next dates (if not shown here yet). 

Contact either a friend who attends Christ Church Ewell or contact Simon Tucker on or 078 4090 4001 or use the 'Contact Us' page


  1. Activities with 1 chilli are only social
  2. Activities with 2 chilli have some limited Christian content
  3. Activities with 3 chilli have quite a lot of Christian content



Various Men’s Curry Nights are organised throughout the year. Sometimes we may go to a Chinese, Turkish, Italian or Mexican venue too. A great way simply to ‘eat out and hang out’ as a group of men. These are approximately every other month.  

The next curry is Monday 27th September 2021 @ 8pm


Hear a rare and highly interesting life story from a guest speaker whilst eating excellent food! The male speaker will be a Christian and will also mention the role their faith has played in their life. This may take the form of a curry night or a men’s breakfast. As these are special speakers with amazing stories we only run these occasionally.


Meet up with other guys for a drink down at the local just to chat and enjoy each others company. A few times a year. 


We organise occasional day-trips out to an agreed place of mutual interest (or the occasional social activity - or crazy activity if men are up for it!). For an idea of the kinds of trips or activities please contact us.


Relaxed Chat. Once a month. Take away food. Got Questions? What might life after death be like? What about a Soul? Other questions? This is a very relaxed way to explore life’s questions whilst enjoying a meal together. For those who want to ask any questions and explore in a non-threatening way - this is for you.


If you would like to explore Christianity through watching very high quality modern videos-  this is for you. No question is too outrageous. There is no pressure and there is no charge. Refreshments are provided. Alpha is very popular across the UK.