A Long Time Under The Sea

22 May

A thought came to me during prayer yesterday.

It was do with "time"...

I had a picture of a deep sea trawler with its nets lowered deep down under the sea.

The thing that stood out was the fact that nets need to stay down at the bottom of the sea for a lengthy period of time. 

If trawler nets get pulled up too early -  then not that many fish will have had enough time to even begin to be picked up.

I wish to strongly underline that I do NOT think people are just like fish to be caught and processed, and neither do I think that they are to be treated as projects, but I strongly believe that people really matter, are precious as individuals and must be respected and valued.

With the above clearly in mind, let us return to the analogy of catching fish. 

Just as nets need much time to do their work of collecting, I have seen that over time, precious people known personally to me have (due to the lengthy lock-down) slowly begun to explore, watch or engage with online church services. 

People who would not normally have considered doing so under more usual circumstances...

Most of us would like this lock-down to end now or very soon, and hopefully it will in due course...but maybe God has been using the lengthy lock-down time in the same sort of way that nets which are left under the sea have long enough time to collect the precious 'fish' .....which in this case are valued individual people, precious to God, made in His image - and for whom Christ died. 

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