God's skill at engineering circumstances

22 Mar

As we face a very chaotic and frightening time with the current health crisis - we do well to know how God works through situations - even if they seem very hard to understand and very very difficult.

Take the story of the birth of Moses for instance - which was the subject at our Mothers Day All Age Service this year.

The Egyptian King Pharoah in Exodus Chapter 2 had ordered the death of all Hebrew boys. This was in order to subdue the Hebrew population in Egypt. We think that they would throw baby boys into the river Nile to be eaten by Crocodiles.

Why did he not do anything to the girls? Scholars think the reason was that he viewed girls as a non-threat and as not very significant - and besides they could grow up and marry an Egyptian - and thus become assimilated into the Egyptian population. 

But have you noticed in Exodus Chapter 2 - How God deliberately chose to use 5 women - two of whom were fairly young girls - to do His will right under the very nose of the unsuspecting Pharoah? God outwitted and outflanked his evil scheme by using these 5 women whom Pharoah no doubt underestimated as insignificant: Jochobed (Moses' mother), Miriam (Moses Sister), Two midwives (Shiprah and Puah) and the daughter of Pharoah - a Princess of Egypt! See how God provided and worked through unexpected individuals:-

Firstly, the two midwives. They did not obey Pharoah's instruction to drown baby boys but instead saved them - including Moses it would seem. Because of this God blessed them but also had their names recorded in the account. Have you ever noticed how the name of the Pharoah is NOT recorded?! We don't even know which Pharoah he was.

Secondly, Jochobed, Moses mother. She trusted in God and bravely hid her baby boy near to the very place of death at the banks of the River Nile. The river and the crocodiles did not get him. The Egyptians worshipped the River Nile like a god - so this action in one sense shows the foiling, disdain and defeat of a so called 'great god of Egypt'. 

Thirdly we have Miriam the sister of Moses who when she saw that an Egyptian princess had found her baby brother and wasn't about to kill him - but wanted to spare him - bravely approached her and asked if she might find someone to care for the baby... with the end result that the baby was returned to the real mum for a season! But the big thing to notice here is that when baby Moses was handed back to the real mum - he was under ROYAL PROTECTION by decree of an Egyptian Princess! No-one could touch him now! No Egyptian could be permitted to throw him in the river now.

Lastly we have the Egyptian princess herself. God had given her a compassionate heart. When the time came for Moses to go and live with her in the Royal Palace - it was again an incredible turning of the tables by God. Here was Moses, a condemned Hebrew boy, living UNDER SAFE PROTECTION IN THE VERY ROYAL PALACE! Right under the nose of the very man Pharoah who had ordered the death of all such boys! In addition to this God had arranged for Moses to be living in the Royal Palace so that Moses could learn to read and write and be well educated (as many Hebrew children would have been illiterate). Why would the Lord do this? Because God was preparing Moses so that he would be the one to write the first FIVE BOOKS of the Bible! 

I marvel at God's skill at engineering and working through and around circumstances. May we take encouragement that He is at work through and despite the current crisis.

I once visited the home of Corrie Ten Boom in Harlem, Holland, which is now a museum. Corrie was a Christian lady who with her family hid hundreds of Jews in their home under the very noses of the occupying Gestapo in World War 2. The Gestapo headquarters was very near her house! Eventually she and her family were betrayed and sent to the concentration camps. She was eventually released from Ravensbruck camp by a 'clerical error' and went on to have an international ministry and wrote various books. In Corrie's home is an embroidery. On the rear it is a tangled mess of threads and colours. Black threads (sorrows?), gold threads (joys?) and it all seems so messy and chaotic. Yet if you turn it over onto its display side - you will see a beautiful design and pattern in the shape of  CROWN! 

The embroiderer was working to a design and pattern! 

God is working through the chaos... I marvel at God's skill in engineering despite very difficult circumstances.

God is engineering and will be working something through your hard circumstances also.

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