Never underestimate the importance of small things

06 Apr

There is a story told of a miraculous healing of a Syrian Army General called Naaman in 2 Kings Chapter 5. He had leprosy. The story has much to teach us, but I only want to focus on one tiny part in this devotional. Although God did the healing through a command that came from Elisha the prophet who instructed Naaman to dip himself in the Jordan river seven times, have you noticed how it was the little girl who was 'the trigger' to begin this whole event. A little girl's passing remark led to a chain of events that culminated in this miraculous healing.

We should take encouragement that our little role and the small things we do or say may at times be very significant. Most of the time it will not lead to anything momentous like this healing, but we should always be willing to do the small things as we never know what it could lead to. Keep on being faithful in the little things. The little girl also was not bogged down by unforgiveness. Naaman had captured her and taken her away from her family, but she forgave and still was willing to help him by her little deed.

In the picture you can see a pocketwatch. Inside the pocket watch are tiny precious cogs and jewels. They are very small - and their role may seem insignificant... but if you remove one the whole pocketwatch grinds to a halt. Do not despise the small un-noticed role you may have.

Everyone has heard of Billy Graham. But who has heard of Albert MacMakin? Albert MacMakin was the man who invited Billy Graham to hear the gospel by offering to Billy the chance of driving a pick up truck - on the condition that Billy came to hear the Gospel. As you will know Billy got saved and became one the most influential Christians in the Twentieth Century. Yet by God's grace, it all began with Albert MacMakin - an unknown person by today's reckoning. Never underestimate the importance of the little things you may do.

Many of us may only advance the Kingdom of God by one inch - or like a honey bee only produce one teaspoon of honey in our lives - but the total contribution would be alot poorer if we did not add to it. And at times our small acts of obedience may be the catalyst for something far more wonderful and greater than we imagined. So keep being faithful.

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