Turn your eyes upon Jesus

20 Mar

At times when foundations we normally rely on are getting severely shaken - it is time to turn back to God. There are always areas of our lives for which we need to turn back to God - but you can only turn back to God when you turn the news off long enough for a moment - to examine your own heart and surrender it to the Lord Jesus.

The fear, panic and anxiety in the current coronavirus situation are all very understandable and natural. We cannot control them by sheer will power. However the way they go away depends on what we focus on. If we only focus exclusively on the news and all the things that are being cancelled and the rapid spread of the virus, we are feeding fear, panic and anxiety. We need to stop feeding them. How do we do that? By having a focus on the Lord - a focus on turning back to God and faith. When we focus on the Lord fear, panic and anxiety flee. We will starve them, and they will die. 

In Colossians 3 verses 1-4 Paul's underlying aim is that the Colossians will focus on Christ. The context in Colosse was not a virus situation - but the temptation to be distracted away from Christ by adhering to man-made religion and self-effort. Yet the key for the Colossians to grow as Christians and the secret to overcoming personal sins was not to focus on earthly things  - but the secret to that real power was to have a primary focus upon Christ. 

Colossians 3 verse 1 says that Christ is "seated at the right hand of God" This can refer to Christ having sat down after paying the sacrifice for our sins -  but it can also mean that Christ is a place of power  - seated reigning at the throne. The power to overcome fear is really only found through a focus on the seated reigning enthroned Christ. That is where the power lies.

How does one focus on Christ practically? Reading the Bible slowly and prayer are a means towards this. Feeding ourselves not only on the news - but also taking as much -or more-  time to soak in God's word and prayer.

As we develop a real focus on Christ we will find he will then prompt and lead us to love and care outwardly for other people without fear - to those around us. It will not be a selfish activity.

An old hymn says:

Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in his wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. ... His word shall not fail you, He promised; Believe Him and all will be well; Then go to to a world that is dying, His perfect salvation to tell" 

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