We believe the central truths of Christianity, as revealed in the Bible, including:
  • There is one holy, loving and true God
  • He exists eternally in three distinct but equal persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 
  • He is the almighty creator, saviour and judge who sustains and governs all things according to his will.
Jesus Christ
  • The Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is fully God and fully human.
  • He was born of a virgin and lived a sinless life. 
  • He died on a cross, was raised bodily from death and is now reigning over heaven and earth.
The Holy Spirit
  • The Holy Spirit enables people to turn to God and trust in Jesus Christ.
  • He lives in all who trust in Christ and produces in them increasingly Christ-like character and behaviour.
  • He empowers them to live for him, serve him and make him known.
The Bible
  • The Bible can be trusted because God himself inspired it.
  • In it he has revealed himself and all that we need to know to follow him and live for him.
  • Because it is God’s voice, it has supreme authority in all matters of what to believe and how to live.
  • All men and women are created in the image of God and have equal dignity, worth and accountability.
  • God created people to have fellowship with him, but we have all defied him and incurred his anger by sinfully going our own way.
  • Each person therefore needs to be forgiven and reconciled to God, in order to be restored to fellowship with him.

  • Sinful people can be rescued from the guilt, penalty and power of sin only through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ in their place.
  • Those who turn to God in repentance and trust in Jesus as their saviour, are forgiven, accepted by God and granted eternal life.
The Church
  • The worldwide church is the body of which Christ is the head and to which all who trust in him belong.
The Future
  • God will bring the world to an end at his appointed time and Jesus will return in person.
  • Everyone who has ever lived will experience bodily resurrection and all will be judged.
  • Those who have rejected Jesus as their saviour will suffer eternal separation from God. Only those who have been saved by Christ will enjoy eternal fellowship with God in heaven.