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Christ Church Ewell


We are a community of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who have experienced the love, grace, kindness and forgiveness of Jesus. We welcome people at whatever stages they might be on their own faith journey ....whether just looking, unsure, exploring or more committed. Our heart is to bless you and those around in our community! Our aim is to help people grow and develop in their journey of faith and to discover God's grace and kindness for them in Christ.  Our hope also is to grow and we would love it if you would like to visit us. We always seek to be a very welcoming church as we think that people really do matter. We believe in the Bible and Jesus is worshipped as our loving faithful Lord. We have found Christ to be 100% reliable.




On Sunday 25th October @ 10:30am we will studying the Book of Ruth using Zoom interactively. The service will also be produced for viewing on You-Tube Sunday evening on our You-Tube channel "Christ Church Ewell".
(If you wish to join the interactive zoom please get in touch with us on the contact us page)

These services also get posted later in the day to our Facebook Page:-  https://www.facebook.com/christchurchewell

Our public online Sunday Services include something for children as well as adults - (especially our All Age Services).

We also currently hold a zoom kids church twice a month on a Sunday before our regular Sunday Services and other zoom youth groups, including YOUTH ALPHA*
(* Access granted only by permission of leaders)

Although at present our building is not open every Sunday morning, we are conducting some services in the building at least once a month that follow health & safety requirements based on our Covid-19 risk assessment and we are working towards being able to livestream these services in the near future.
(See Risk Assessment Tab further down on this website)


If you would like to socialise for a while after the service in our Coffee Chat Zoom Room and meet some in the church - or if you would like someone to pray with you following the service then please us send a text, whats app, or email to:

078 4090 4001


AUDIO 2020



Making Connections

Into Our Community

Try Alpha

In times of uncertainty, are there things we can be certain about? We are offering Alpha Online via Zoom, where we will explore basic questions about life and God. The basic format will be a video for around 20-25 minutes followed by an open, low key discussion where people can explore and discuss issues about the meaning of life, God, purpose and Christian faith in a non-threatening way. Taster Session on Wed 14th October @ 8pm on Zoom. Then a further 5 Sessions on a Wednesday evening if you wish to continue. If you are interested, do get in touch and we will send you more information. Contact by text / what's app / or call to 078 4090 4001 or by email to simon@christchurchewell.com

Saturday 10th October 2020 @ 7:30pm


Join a team or bring your own team! Contact us using the contact form on this website!

ZOOM EVENT - Amazing Stories From Prison

Told By Rev. David Powe former Chaplain to Belmarsh

Saturday 7th November @ 7:30pm Contact simon@christchurchewell.com for more details


Community - What's on? (*some activities currently paused due to covid-19)

For Men

We have a 'menu' of activities on offer. The aim of these activities is to build friendships and create a sense of belonging in a group or community. Some activities have a higher Christian content for anyone wishing to explore faith - but these are clearly labelled so you always know what you are attending.

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For Women

We also offer a 'menu' of activities for women. The aim of these activities is to build friendships and to create a sense of belonging in a group or community. Some activities have a higher Christian content for anyone wishing to explore faith - but these are clearly labelled so you always know what you are attending.

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For Families

We also offer a great 'menu' of things for families! Many of these activities are very popular. Please take a look at the various family or young children's activities on offer below.

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Lunch Club

Thursday Lunch Club is a popular opportunity for older people to meet together, enjoy a good cooked meal, socialise and have fun!

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Other Events

Please check out here some additional events we occasionally offer

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Community Groups Using Our Building

1. Conquest Art 2. Parkinson's Exercise Group 3. Pilates Class

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Exploring Faith

Image result for unsplash ask more questions

Are you interested in knowing more about Christianity?

Religion is spelled “D-O” because it consists of the things people do to try to somehow gain God’s forgiveness and favour. But the problem is that you are never quite sure when you’ve done enough! The Bible tell us in Romans 3:23 the truth that we never can do enough. We were created for God’s glory and should live for His glory but we always fall short of this.

But thankfully, Christianity is spelled differently.

It’s spelled ‘D-O- N-E,’ which means that what we could never do for ourselves, Christ has already done for us. He lived the perfect life that we could never live, and He died willingly on the cross to pay the penalty we owe for the wrongs we’ve done. To become a real Christian is to humbly receive God’s gift of forgiveness and to commit to following His leadership. When we do that, He adopts us into His family, and begins to change us from the inside out. If you would like to find out more about the Christian faith then here are a few web links you could look at with videos to watch:


Image result for coffee unsplash

 Have a drink on us!

We understand that people have questions about the Christian faith or would like to talk about the struggles they're going through. We recognise that it may not be easy for everyone to come on a Sunday morning to church. For this reason we would like to make it possible for anyone who'd like to chat through things and ask questions they can do so in the relaxed informal atmosphere of one of our local cafes in Ewell (or in a nearby surrounding area like Cheam, Stoneleigh, Epsom or Sutton)
The tab is on us - you’ll get a free drink and the opportunity to chat with us at your convenience. Simply drop us an email using this contact form and we'll get back to you to make an appointment.


Church Life

Growth Groups

These are smaller groups that meet in the week to help strengthen one another and help each other 'progress in joy and faith'. From time to time we also encourage each group to have an outward focus.

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Prayer Meetings

'Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare wheel?' (Corrie Ten Boom) We believe that prayer is the engine room of the church.

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Sunday Club For Children

Our Sunday club runs during the Sunday service once the children have gone out after a few songs

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Other Things We Do

Please see below for more information

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Leadership Team

Simon Tucker


Our Pastor is Simon Tucker. Simon leads and works with the team in setting the vision and prioritising emphases of the church as it moves forwards. He has a heart for those on the edges of church-life as well as wanting to see others developed within the church. Simon is married to Corrine who shares this same vision and they have three lovely daughters Lydia, Rebecca and Daniella.

Mark and Emma Williams

Leadership Team - Growth Groups

Mark is involved in a number of areas including audio and web, facilities and outreach work in local schools through 'Open the Book'. Emma has a heart for helping and discipling seekers, she oversees (with Mark) the Growth Group Programme and Growth Group development and she is part of the preaching planning team. Emma is a consultant Doctor

Julian and Debbie Hillman

Leadership Team - Events & All Age Services

Julian has a heart for organising events (e.g. walking groups, men's breakfasts and for gathering young people) He is also treasurer and works as a Finance Director. Debbie leads a Growth Group and is involved in creative aspects of planning (All-Age Services, part of the preaching planning team) and does some speaking as well as ministry to the elderly using her creative gifts. She also works as a teacher in a senior school. Julian and Debbie visit and support a Christian work in Eastern Europe.

Ann Barnes

Leadership Team - Children

Ann organises a very creative Children's Summer Activity Club which draws many families and also leads Easter and Christmas Activity mornings and the Sunday Kids curriculum. Ann also assists with All Age Services, Toddlers, Urban Saints and she is involved in going into local school assemblies with 'Open the Book' ministry! She is a retired head-teacher.

Tony and Val Neal

Leadership Team - Oversight, Pastoral Care

Tony and Val have been part of Christ Church Ewell since it was launched in 2002. Tony is involved in many aspects of oversight, pastoral care and planning in the church (including among other things taking leading roles in Urban Saints, Growth Groups). He is a part time Senior Engineer. Val leads Lunch Club and is also involved in various administrative aspects of the church including some pastoral visiting, hospitality and safe-guarding. Tony and Val also both regularly assist and visit a Christian work overseas.

Why not visit us?

We would love to meet you

Visiting Us (*Different during covid-19)


We don't mind about your background, how much you know about the Bible, how old or young you are, whatever you've done in your past, everyone is welcome to hear about Jesus and to know him here at Christ Church Ewell.

We expect a mix of Christians and people who wouldn't call themselves Christians but are open-minded, so you are very welcome if you belong to either group!


We meet on Sundays at 10.30 a.m. with tea, coffee and biscuits available before and after.  Our services normally last around an hour and a quarter and you are welcome to stay and chat afterwards for a while.  


Christ Church Ewell is in the centre of Ewell village (opposite Sainsbury’s) on Cheam Road, Ewell, KT17 1AD
There is free parking in our church car park and also free Sunday parking in the larger public car park immediately to the left of the church.
We are roughly a 15 minute walk from both Ewell East and Ewell West railway stations.

What can I expect?

We'll usually sing a mixture of new and old songs and often have a short interactive talk or object lesson for the children. Sometimes there will be a short testimony (a real life experience) told by someone. We have prayers, a Bible reading and an engaging talk explaining and applying what we read. We believe that the Bible is God's Word for people today, so we always try to explain it in ways we can all understand and relate to.

We usually stand for the songs, but the service leader will make it clear what is happening - you can just follow everyone else!

Some services will be more creative and varied and when we do an All-Age Service there will be something for both children and parents and a few more activities.

We don’t take a collection, but if you wish to give towards causes we support, there is a box available near the front door.

On the third Sunday of each month, we have a service of communion where Christians share bread and wine together to remember Jesus’ sacrifice for us in his death on the cross. Any who are not yet sure that they are trusting and following Jesus are very welcome to stay; the bread and wine are passed around as we sit, so you can just pass them on without taking them.

What about children?

There are activities for the children. We want the children to feel part of church so we all start the service together.  After a few songs, and often an interactive children's talk or object lesson, the children leave to their various groups for the rest of the service. In the groups they learn about Jesus in age-specific ways and with various crafts and games.

We also run some All-Age Services each term and these have more activities both for children and parents and are popular!

Is there a dress code?

We don't have any dress code, please come in whatever clothes you normally wear.

Contact Us

  • Christ Church Ewell, Cheam Road, Ewell, Surrey KT17 1AD

Audio 2020

Here you can listen online - or download and save a talk direct to your mobile device, laptop, computer or tablet.

Tony Neal 18th October 2020 - Jesus Words Were Compelling - Luke 4 v 14-22.mp3

Simon Tucker - 11th October 2020 - All Age Service - The Wise & Foolish Builders - Matthew 7 v 24-27.mp3

Victoria Ikwuemesi - 4th October 2020 - Sermon On The Mount Part 5 - Balance & Perfection - Matthew 7 v 1-12.mp3

Simon Tucker - 27th September 2020 - Sermon On The Mount Part 4 - Kingdom Perspectives -Matthew 6 v 19-34.mp3

Norman Fraser - 20th September 2020 - Sermon On The Mount Part 3 - Religious Hypocrisy - Matthew 6 v 1-18.mp3

Simon Tucker - 13th Sept 2020 - The Sermon On The Mount Series - Part 2 - The Old Testament & Kingdom Demands - Matthew 5 v 17-48.mp3

Tony Neal - 6th Sept 2020 - The Sermon On The Mount Series 1 - Beatitudes - Norms for God's Kingdom - Matthew 5 v 1-16.mp3

Simon Tucker - 30th August 2020 - Reasons To Be Prayerful - Part 3 - The Spirit Emboldens Us - Acts 4 v 23-31.mp3

Simon Tucker - 23rd August 2020 - A Word Of Encouragement - Psalm 46.mp3

Gordon Mylchreest - 16th August 2020 - Reasons To Be Prayerful Part 2 - The Son Shares His Kingdom With Us - Colossians 1 v 9 - 14.mp3

Debbie Hillman - 9th August 2020 - Reasons To Be Prayerful Part 1 - The Father Knows Us - Matthew 6 v 6-15.mp3

Simon Tucker - 2nd August 2020 - Part 6 - James Caught In 2 Minds - Bringing Back A Wanderer - James 5 v13 - 20.mp3

Simon Tucker - 26th July 2020 - Part 5 - James Caught in 2 Minds - Where Does Double-Mindedness Come From - James 3 v 13 - 4 v 10.mp3

Tony Neal - 19th July 2020 - Part 4 - James Caught In 2 Minds - The Doctor Says Stick Out Your Tongue - James 3 v 1-12.mp3

Mark Thomas 12th July 2020 -Part 3 - James Caught in 2 Minds -What Kind Of Faith Saves - James 2 v 14-26.mp3

Simon Tucker - 5th July 2020 - Part 2 - James - Caught in 2 Minds - A Prescription For A Wanderer - James 1 v 16-25.mp3

Simon Tucker - 28th June 2020 - Part 1 James - Caught in 2 Minds - Tests, Trials, Temptations - James 1 v 1-15.mp3

Simon Tucker - 21st June 2020 - The Father's Heart Revealed - Luke 15 v 11-24.mp3

David Cornish - 14th June 2020 - Jesus An Extraordinary Life - Mark 5 v 21-43.mp3

Norman Fraser - 7th June 2020 - PSALMS & WISDOM - Old Testament in 7 Sentences - PSALM 23 & OTHERS.mp3

Simon Tucker - 31st May 2020 - PENTECOST - Acts 2 v 1-21.mp3

Tony Neal - 24th May 2020 - The Old Testament in 7 Sentences - THE GOSPEL - Isaiah 52 v 7.mp3

Simon Tucker - 17 May 2020 - The Old Testament in 7 Sentences - THE PROPHETS - Micah 6 v 8.mp3

Simon Tucker - 10 May 2020 - David's Choices for God - 1 Samuel 17 v 32-37.mp3

Tony Neal - 10 May 2020 - God's Choice of David - 1 Samuel 16 v 1-13.mp3

Simon Tucker - 3 May - The Old Testament in 7 Sentences - Exodus - Exodus 20 v 2.mp3

Debbie Hillman - 26 April 2020 - The Old Testament in 7 Sentences - Abraham - Genesis 12 v 3.mp3

Tony Neal - 19th April 2020 - The Old Testament in 7 Sentences - Creation - Genesis 1 v 1.mp3

Simon Tucker - 15 Mar 2020 - DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES ON THE CROSS - The Cross - Looking Around - Luke 23 v26 - 46.mp3

Tony Neal - 8 March 2020 - THE SHEPHERD OF ISRAEL PART 3 - A PERFECT FULFILMENT - John 10 v 1 - 21.mp3

Simon Tucker - 1st March 2020 - THE SHEPHERD OF ISRAEL PART 2 - A BETTER HOPE - Ezekiel 34.mp3

Gordon Mylchreest - 23 Feb 2020 - THE SHEPHERD OF ISRAEL PART 1- A GOOD START - 1 Samuel Chp 16-17.mp3


Simon Tucker - 2 Feb 2020 - THE POWER OF JESUS SERIES - GREATER THAN THE POWER OF THE HEART - Mark 7 v 14-23.mp3

Tony Neal - 26 Jan 2020 - LIGHT OF THE WORLD -A CITY SET ON A HILL IS NOT HIDDEN - Matt 5 v14-16.mp3

Simon Tucker - 12 Jan 2020 - THE POWER OF JESUS SERIES - GREATER THAN SIN - MARK 1v40 - 2v12.mp3

Norman Fraser - 5 Jan 2020 - JESUS - A REAL PERSON.MP3

Audio 2019

Here you can listen online - or download and save a talk direct to your mobile device, laptop, computer or tablet.

Tony Neal - 29 Dec 2019 - Fruitful Living - GENTLENESS, FAITHFULNESS & SELF CONTROL - Gal 5 v 22.mp3

Simon Tucker - 25 Dec 2019 - CHRISTMAS MESSAGE - GOD'S HEART REVEALED.mp3

Norman Fraser - 22nd December 2019 - CHRISTMAS CAROL SERVICE - Luke 1 v26-33 & Luke 2 v 1-20.mp3

Simon Tucker - 15 Dec 2019 - Advent - JOHN THE BAPTIST CONFRONTS THE CROWDS! - LUKE 3 v 7-18.mp3

Mark Ralf - 8 Dec 2019 - Advent - THE PREACHING OF JOHN THE BAPTIST - LUKE 3 v1-6.mp3

Simon Tucker - 1 Dec 2019 - Advent - WATCHING FOR THE SON OF MAN - Luke 21 v25-36.mp3

Norman Fraser - 24 Nov 2019 - Fruitful Living 3 - GOODNESS & KINDNESS - GALATIANS 5 v19-26.mp3

Simon Tucker - 17 Nov 2019 - Malachi - Challenging Apathy - GOD'S GREAT DAY OF JUDGEMENT - MALACHI 4.mp3

Gordon Molyneux - 10 Nov 2019 - Malachi - Challenging Apathy - 'FAITH-FATIGUE' - HOW DO YOU TREAT GOD - MALACHI CHAPTER 2 v17 - 3 v18.mp3

Simon Tucker - 3 Nov 2019 - Malachi - Challenging Apathy - HONOURING YOUR COMMITMENTS - MALACHI - CHAPTER 2 v1-16.mp3

Tony Neal - 27 Oct 2019 - Malachi - Challenging Apathy - GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS - MALACHI CHAPTER 1.mp3

Simon Tucker - 20 Oct 2019 - WHAT'S IN THE NEWS.mp3

Marcus Honeysett - 6 Oct 2019 - Fruitful Living 2 - PEACE AND PATIENCE - GALATIANS 5 v 16-26.mp3

Simon Tucker - 29 Sept 2019 - Prayer - Week 5 - THE PROBLEMS OF PRAYER - PSALM 66.mp3

Norman Fraser-22 Sept 2019 - Prayer - Week 4 - THE PATTERN OF PRAYER - MATTHEW 6 v 5-14.mp3

Simon Tucker - 15 Sept 2019 - Prayer - Week 3 - THE PRIVILEGE OF PRAYER - PSALM 55.mp3

Declan Flanagan - 8 Sept 2019 - INDUCTION SERVICE FOR SIMON TUCKER - ECCLESIASTES 8 v 1-8.mp3

Simon Tucker - Prayer - 1 Sept 2019 - Week 2 - THE PLACE OF PRAYER - LUKE 11 v 1-14.mp3

Ali Milne - 25 Aug 2019 - Prayer - Week 1- THE POWER OF PRAYER - MATTHEW 14 v 25-36.mp3

Simon Tucker - 18 Aug 2019 - Fruitful Living 1 - LOVE AND JOY - GALATIANS 5 v 22.mp3

Debbie Hillman - 11 Aug 2019 - Abraham the friend of God -Week 5 - FAITH THAT GOES THE DISTANCE - GENESIS 22 v 1-14.mp3

Tony Neal - 28 July 2019 - Abraham the friend of God - Week 4 - EXPLORING THE DEPTHS OF GOD'S MERCY - GENESIS 18 v 16-33.mp3

Simon Tucker - 21 July 2019 - Abraham the friend of God - Week 3 - AVAILABLE TO THE LORD- GENESIS 18 v 1-15.mp3

Luke Cornish - 14 July 2019 - Abraham the friend of God - Week 2 - THE WRONG TURN! - GENESIS 16.mp3

Simon Tucker - 7 July 2019 - Abraham the friend of God - Week 1- ABRAHAM BELIEVES - GENESIS 15.mp3

Mark Thomas - 30 Jun 2019 - Tales of the Unexpected - Week 6 - TO THOSE WHO HAVE, MORE SHALL BE GIVEN - LUKE 19 v 11-27.mp3

Norman Fraser - 23 Jun 2019 - Tales of the Unexpected - Week 5 - THE LEAST SHALL BE GREATEST - LUKE 16 v 19-31.mp3

David Senior - 9 Jun 2019 - Tales of the Unexpected - Week 4- APPEARANCES CAN BE DECEPTIVE - LUKE 13 v 18-20.mp3

Ken Hobbs - 2 Jun 2019 - Tales of the Unexpected - Week 3- BETTER TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE - LUKE 12 v 13-21.mp3

Keith Halstead - 26 May 2019 - Tales of the Unexpected - Week 2 - GOD WANTS US TO BOTHER HIM - Luke 11 v 5-13.mp3

Mark Slessenger - 19 May 2019 - Tales of the Unexpected - Week 1 - LOVE YOUR ENEMIES -Luke 10 v 25-37.mp3

Norman Fraser - 12 May 2019 - Staying the Course - Week 6 - STAYING POSITIVE - ENJOYING GOD - Luke 12 v 22-34.mp3

Tony Neal - 5 May 2019 - Staying the Course- Week 5 - STAYING FRESH - THE GIFT OF REST.mp3

Victoria Ikwuemesi - 28 Apr 2019 - Staying the Course - Week 4 - STAYING OPEN TO GOD-MEDITATION & QUIET TIMES - LUKE 15 v 11-24.mp3

Glyn MacAulay - 14 Apr 2019 - Lent Series - BE MERCIFUL TO ME, LORD - PSALM 31 v 9-16.mp3

David Cornish - 7 Apr 2019 - Lent Series - OUT OF THE DEPTHS I CRY TO YOU LORD - PSALM 130.mp3

Peter Burt - 31 Mar 2019 - Lent Series - THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD - PSALM 23.mp3

Norman Fraser-24 Mar 2019 - Lent Series - COME LET US SING FOR JOY TO THE LORD - PSALM 95.mp3

Gordon Molyneux - 10 Mar 2019 - Lent Series - BLESSED IS THE ONE WHOSE TRANSGRESSIONS ARE FORGIVEN - PSALM 32.mp3

Debbie Hillman - 3 Mar 2019 - Seeking God - Studies in the life of Josiah - Week 6- SEEKING GOD BEYOND THE FINAL HURDLE - 2 CHRONICLES 35 v 20-27.mp3

Mark Ralf - 24 Feb 2019 - Seeking God - Studies in the life of Josiah - Week 5- SEEKING GOD BY REMEMBERING HIS GRACE - 2 CHRONICLES 35 v 1-19.mp3

Simon Tucker - 10 Feb 2019 - Studies in the life of Josiah - Week 3 - SEEKING GOD BY LISTENING TO HIM - 2 CHRONICLES 34 v 14-28.mp3

Norman Fraser - 3 Feb 2019 - Seeking God-Studies in the life of Josiah - Week 2 - SEEKING GOD BY WORKING TOGETHER - 2 CHRONICLES 34 v 8 - 13.mp3

Dave Cotton - 27 Jan 2019 - Seeking God - Studies in the life of Josiah - SEEKING GOD BY REJECTING EVIL - 2 CHRONICLES 34 v 1-7.mp3

Norman Fraser- 13 Jan 2019 - Staying The Course - Week 2 - STAYING THANKFUL - GIVING & HOSPITALITY - Acts 20 v32-35 -.mp3

Ken Hobbs - 6 Jan 2019 - Staying The Course - Week 1 - PRAYER & FASTING - LUKE 11 v 1-13.mp3

What We Believe

We believe the central truths of Christianity, as revealed in the Bible, including:
  • There is one holy, loving and true God
  • He exists eternally in three distinct but equal persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. 
  • He is the almighty creator, saviour and judge who sustains and governs all things according to his will.
Jesus Christ
  • The Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is fully God and fully human.
  • He was born of a virgin and lived a sinless life. 
  • He died on a cross, was raised bodily from death and is now reigning over heaven and earth.
The Holy Spirit
  • The Holy Spirit enables people to turn to God and trust in Jesus Christ.
  • He lives in all who trust in Christ and produces in them increasingly Christ-like character and behaviour.
  • He empowers them to live for him, serve him and make him known.
The Bible
  • The Bible can be trusted because God himself inspired it.
  • In it he has revealed himself and all that we need to know to follow him and live for him.
  • Because it is God’s voice, it has supreme authority in all matters of what to believe and how to live.
  • All men and women are created in the image of God and have equal dignity, worth and accountability.
  • God created people to have fellowship with him, but we have all defied him and incurred his anger by sinfully going our own way.
  • Each person therefore needs to be forgiven and reconciled to God, in order to be restored to fellowship with him.

  • Sinful people can be rescued from the guilt, penalty and power of sin only through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ in their place.
  • Those who turn to God in repentance and trust in Jesus as their saviour, are forgiven, accepted by God and granted eternal life.
The Church
  • The worldwide church is the body of which Christ is the head and to which all who trust in him belong.
The Future
  • God will bring the world to an end at his appointed time and Jesus will return in person.
  • Everyone who has ever lived will experience bodily resurrection and all will be judged.
  • Those who have rejected Jesus as their saviour will suffer eternal separation from God. Only those who have been saved by Christ will enjoy eternal fellowship with God in heaven.


Pastor's Blog

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

Covid-19 H&S Risk Assessment Used For Occasional Physical Gatherings At This Time

This Risk Assessment is used at CCE when conducting trial physical services

Read More

Our History

Originally the church was formed around 1940 and was in the early days a Christian Brethren assembly. It had its first permanent home on the site in Cheam Road, Ewell Village, opening in 1955. It was called Staneway Chapel. The origins of the name Staneway Chapel are not known, apart from the fact that we're very near a road named Staneway. However, Staneway is named after Stane Street, the original Roman road that passed through Ewell en-route Chichester from London. Maybe it was this road that first brought the Good News of Jesus to Ewell? The Chapel flourished in its early years but then attendance declined and in 2001 the few remaining members of Staneway Chapel asked Cheam Baptist Church(CBC) to come to help them maintain an evangelical witness in the centre of Ewell village. By the middle of 2002 a team of four couples had got together and, with the blessing of CBC, transferred to Staneway Chapel taking on the day to day running of the church. Christmas 2002 saw the relaunch of the church with its new name – Christ Church Ewell. In the early stages we spent time getting to know one another; part of this was achieved with paint brushes in our hands! We also refitted the kitchen and refurbished other parts of the premises. Existing activities continued and a Toddler Group and Lunch Club were soon started. Stoneleigh Crusaders (now called 'Urban Saints') started to meet on the premises. CBC supported us in numerous ways with preachers and musicians for Sunday services and the pastor and elders were available to support the leadership team. We continue to have helpful relationships with CBC although for a number of years we have been financially and administratively separate. We work together with other local churches through ‘Churches Together in Ewell’. We have benefited over the years from informal links with the ‘London Institute for Contemporary Christianity’ and ‘Living Leadership’