A CHURCH FOR ALL AGES We are passionate about helping children in their faith journey. We love to have fun and look forward to welcoming you and your children as we share and learn about Jesus together.

J.A.M - School Years 3 to Year 6

Sunday mornings: Each week we run J.A.M (Jesus And Me) for Primary School kids. Kids stay in for the first part of the worship and will then go to their group just before the talk. Mid-Week: We also hold J.A.M socials (often on a Saturday) - things such as film night, a party, bowling, pottery painting and various other things! These are monthly.

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Young People - School Years 7 to 13

Sunday mornings: Every week we run 'Seekers' for teenagers. On alternate weeks the youth stay in the service until the reading and then will go out to do games and social activities. On the other Sundays they will go straight to their groups and do Bible Study or life-relevant topical discussion and group activities. Often there is a snack! Mid-week: They also have a monthly social event on Monday evenings (e.g. Ten Pin Bowling, Climbing, Crazy Golf, Film Night, Escape Rooms and various other things!)

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Creche is provided during the Sunday Service. During the service this will be in the rooms out the back near the Primary Age Kids work. However parents can also opt to stay in the service with their little ones and make use of the Rainbow Toy Room which adjoins the main meeting hall.

Urban Saints Youth

On Friday evenings we have two "Urban Saints" Youth Groups that run at Christ Church Ewell (Ages 7 - 10 and Ages 11 - 16). If you have any young people interested in Christian faith and in some great youth activities and friendships then one of these groups could be just right. The evenings include team indoor or outdoor games, quizzes, DVDs, crafts, short interactive studies and from time there will be special outings e.g. bowling, hikes and much more. Do contact us if you require more information

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